Thursday was the day we decided to leave Knik River and head to Fairbanks, Alaska with a short stop off at Denali of course.  We didn’t get going until about 2pm and once everything was all packed up, jacks up, awning up, the steps refused to go up.  We messed with some fuses, the sensor on the door and messed with the motor that makes stairs go up and down.  Final outcome, was to take it the mother apart and manually hold them up with a ratchet strap to the motorhome frame.  Off we went.

Stopped in Wasilla and Northward we were headed, on the Parks Highway.  We only made it to about mile 130 and we decided to stop for the night.  wWe found a huge pullout off the highway and set ourselves up.  We had the whole pullout to ourselves with just the noise of the occaiconal drive by vehicle.  It was a nice pullout at least it had a good view and 4G Internet.r  eWe set up the BBQ, made some dinner and enjoyed the 80 deg evening.
I think every window we had was open and it didn’t start cooling down until after 11 pm after the sun set enough it wasn’t shinning through our front window.

Next day we lounged around for most of the day.  Did the some cleaning, Matt had a full day of work and Ryder got his fill of Mickey Mouse clubhouse.  Once nap time came around we were on the road again.  Two and a half hours later we had made it to Denali, Alaska.  From the time we left Cantwell, the town before Denali, we had been looking for a good spot to stop, even if it was another pullout.  RV Parks near Denali run from $28 and up, just depends on what kind of luxuries you want included.  We had planned on staying in a pullout shorty after you pass the Denali Village, off to the left side of the road , with a view of Nenana River and a old black steel railroad bridge.

Nenana River

Construction was going on and the 5-6 huge pullouts after you leave Denali were being used for storing big tractors and had “no camping” signs posted.  Still headed north after crossing over Bison Creek, around the corner and up the hill was a pullout with about 8 RV squished in it.  No Fun!  With no luck, we decided it was dinnertime.

Matt did a little research online and found the PERFECT spot.  My favorite place so far.  I was glad we didn’t have to keep driving north because I don’t think Ryder wanted to sit in his car seat anymore and no-one likes to travel with a screaming toddler.  We have been here four nights now, it’s just so beautiful that we decided to stay a little longer than a short stay.  Why not we don’t really have anywhere to be and have no scheduled things to do.  At this moment, this is home for these curioustires.i.JPG