We will always be fixing things on the rig…or at least that’s what it is feeling like so far.  This was a used RV when we bought it. Five years old and the generator had more hours than the engine did.  Someone told me that they wanted to hear about the hard parts of our RV trip along with the good.  She said, “It can’t always be living with rainbows and butterflies.”  I knew that there would be problems but I didn’t think they would pile up so fast.  We have fixed the radio, water leaks, water pump not turning on, stairs not retracting, towels racks falling out of the thin wall, blown fuses, trailer harness wiring and the tow car being dead when we had to unhook so we could turn around (that was a fun one!)

~The radio was an easy fix – just a loose wire.

~After purchasing Bussy, Matt and my Dad woke up to a flooded floor.  Dad fixed that leak by just tightening all the fasteners under the sink.  Perhaps they rattled loose on the drive through Canada or a bad plumber did some handy work on it:)  We’re sure there is still a small leak somewhere, so we just don’t turn the water pump on unless we’re using it – at least until we can investigate more.

~We ran the water very low and once we refilled the tank the water pump didn’t turn on when the button was flipped.  Now when Matt went and dumped the RV the last few times he has noticed that the black tank has leaked a little into the cabinet that holds all that stuff.  This time the dumping process was no different except it had some back splash to go with it, yuk!  When he was done dumping both tanks he rinsed the cabinet out without knowing that there was a control box that went to the water pump. When we got back to the campsite and realized the water pump did not work he went to check on things and realized what had happened.  He took the box apart and used some hot air to dry things out and once it was all together again, like magic, it worked.

~Stairs needed to be oiled and a fuse needed to be replaced.  Too bad we cut like 3 wires, took apart the motor and manually ratchet strapped the stairs up for such a relatively easy fix.

~Towel rack is still not fixed 😦  We tried some 3M double sticky tape with no luck.  It’s still on the to be fixed list.

~We now know that we can’t run the TV and the A/C at the same time.  Matt had blown the inverter fuse when I was on my way back from Anchorage running errands.  After already being gone for an hour and a half I had to turn around and drive to the opposite side of Anchorage to get the fuse we needed, during rush hour.  Therefore, I bought two fuses!  Changed the fuse and we were back in business. Until, it blew later that night.   Ok, looking into the problem further, we found that it was not blown, the metal in the fuse holder was loose and not making a good connection with the fuse itself.  The fuse was still good and usable, yay!  We have also learned that we can’t run the Microwave and electric burners at the same time…because all the screens go red with dire warnings!!!

~We have noticed that the brakes in the CR-V have not been working while being pulled.  It’s not a huge deal as the CR-V is light enough that technically in most states it doesn’t need it, but being that we bought the system it would be nice if it worked!  When Matt was under the dash trying to replace a fuse, he found a bundle of wires that were labeled for the trailer harness – and the brake wires were not hooked up.  After a bit of running back and forth with an electrical multimeter, he finally figured out what was going on and feels confident that the next time we move Bussy they will work.

~While trying to find a spot close to Denali, Alaska, we pulled off on Otto Lake Rd.  In the Milepost it says there is a campground next to a lake.  We took the RV, pulling the CR-V,  down the street.  About a half mile up the road is a lake off to the left with some BBQ pits and picnic tables.  The further we drove down the road we were like…”where are we going to turn this beast around, the street keeps getting narrower the further we drive!!”  Matt thought he had enough room at one point, but we didn’t make it.  I hopped out and unhooked the car, ( which; have I told you how good I am at?!)  Turning the key to start the car and nothing happened…another problem to add to the list…Why the car died while being towed…Wheewww.  Matt barely got turned around and had to figure out how to get Bussy in a position that we could jump the car.  We have to leave the car in neutral with the key in the ignition while being towed.  The car was in park and I had lights on my dash when I turned the key, but I got the click – click – click noise:(  Once the jumping occurred, we were on the road again.

~Just last night parking in the middle of no where, at the end of a dirt road a small 25ft RV thought he could get around us and ended up backing up into the front our CR-V.  Never thought I had to worry about the car being hit. Frustrating!

Problems will occur, I am aware of that and I’m trying to look at all this in a positive way.  We’re learning about maintenance on our RV -even if it has bad timing.  Soon our rig will be like brand new … until some thing else has to be fixed!!