Time to leave the awesome BLM spot we found outside of Healy, Alaska.  We stayed our full 14 nights and loved it.  Best thing about it was it was free.  We even got to spend my Birthday there.   Blueberries, moose and the rain were our friends during our stay.  We were only about 5 mins away from Denali Village and the Park was just right up the road.  There is plenty of shopping to do in the village and tons to do within Denali National Park.  There are bus rides you can take deep into the park, but you are able to drive your own veichle in to mile 12, where you will be greeted by a Park Ranger who will prompt you to turn around.  At this same spot there is a parking lot next to a river with bathrooms and a couple of hiking trails to wonder down.  There are also many visitor centers to checkout and a dog sled demonstration, all but the dog place has its own parking.

Lots of excitement went on during our stay too.

One night Blue our younger dog just started growing real low in the back bedroom when Ryder was already asleep.  When investigating what was going on, I realized that I had left the back window open and she had heard 3 moose chopping away at the bushes around us.  Once I got the window shut and the dog to calm down enough to not bark (cause she KNEW something was outside and she needed to see what) I got to watch two cows and a bull moose wonder around our RV just eating and listening to what was going on around them.
Woke up another night to Ki barking at a bull right outside the front window.  It’s the best way to wake up in the middle of the night…to a dog barking his head off (using the manly…you better be afraid of me bark and not the normal high pitch girly one), all you can think is there is either a bear or monster outside 🙂  Moose are such beautiful creatures.  Except for that one morning when we woke up, Matt took the dogs out for their morning ritual while making a business call and Ki takes off after a moose he saw.  Before any of us knew it the moose had chased Ki back to the RV.  She was so close I could have probably reached my hand out the passenger window and petted her snout.  Blue was just barking and Matt was just yelling for both of the dogs to come…Then…she focused on something and just bolted ..at that very moment Matt jumped in the RV and both dogs chased her in and across the meadow behind us.  Close call.  I felt bad for the moose, she was justing eating some morning breakfast and these two short things just come at her.  I was very glad that they were all ok.  I think the whole time we were there we saw 13 moose that came around the RV and another 3 in Denali park.
cDrove down Stampede Rd.  Windy and flat.  Once up top, a trail will lead you to the trailhead leading to Bus 149.  Google it if you don’t know.
Randomly driving through Healy we decided to turn onto Healy Spur Rd and we discovered some crazy rock formations with beautiful colors coming from lines that ran parallel with ground that had been exposed in the hills. The road ended for us at the Usibelli Coal Mine.  We went across this big bridge and up a huge hill ran into some construction machinery and decided that was it was time to turn around.  There are a few gates with signs, but the gate were all open so we just drove through.
There was a dump station in Healy we used.  If you can bare the drive down the potholey hill, they charge $5, behind the Miners Market, they also have camping, laundry and showers.
Advise: Drive down the street you would normally pass right up.  There is likely unlocked treasures.  You never know what lies down them, until you know.