After our free 2 week stay near Denali, Alaska we decided it was time to move on.  Northbound we were headed.  Before we left Matt got the brakes hooked up right, so that the car was braking along with the RV making the drive through the mountains up near Fairbanks not as bad as I thought they were gonna be.  We were definitely slow, but we made it, and what’s the rush?  We’re not in a hurry!20160728_185306

We wanted to stay kind of close to town and decided to stay at Chena Pump Wayside…which was right in the middle of town.  Other than the road traffic driving down the street behind you the campground was nice, clean, and quiet.  They did a nice job at keeping you parked in the woods and making you feel like you’re not in the middle of town.

 The campground has a dumping station and water free for paying campers.    We really didn’t want to pay the $20 with no hook-ups, but the convenience of being in town to get our shopping and laundry done was worth it.  We even got to visit with our brother and some good friends.  Also got an estimate done on the car for repair from when the RV hit us out near Healy.  

We took a day to go and venture out to find our next home, which took us south of Fairbanks.  1st was Chena Lakes Recreational Area, which has camping, swimming and fishing. ABC There are 2 campgrounds with 80 sites ranging from $12-$20.  The swimming area even has a beach…Alaskan style.  2nd was Salcha River State Recreation site, which ended up being a large gravel circle with tons of parking for the boat launch.  There is a camp host, however it makes no sense to have someone host a campground with no campsites!  Moving down the road we went to our 3rd place, Harding lake.  Found a winner!  The forest ground was covered with lime green moss, mushrooms everywhere and crazy flying squirrels.h

The worst thing we picked up in or around Fairbanks was a screw in our tire…the same new tire we had replaced a month ago, while out venturing to find a new home.  How frustrating!  If I only knew it would cost a tire per new home site…I might not have made the decision to go full-time.  The screw was in the side wall just beyond the tread so this time the car place wouldn’t just replace 1 they wanted to replace all 4 because it is an all wheel drive car, Blah! 

To sum it up, after visiting, shopping and 4 new tires, we are now staying in Harding Lake Campground.  It is just 40 miles south of Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway and we might stay for a day or two or seven, who knows!!12