Our lives have officially been Rearranged.  It has been a while since we have posted something only because our lives have been crazy.  We have made it all the way to San Antonio, Texas and have the miles on Bussy to prove it.  It feels like we have driven to the moon and back with all the different landscapes and terrain we have traveled through.  Everyday has been a new and exciting adventure.

We landed in Texas to stay with our parents so that we can attend our cousins wedding.  We will be here about a month, which will be different than our normal moving every few days.  It will give us a great opportunity to fix the jack that is still broken, fix the new leaky toilet and to go through all of our stuff to get rid of the unneeded things that traveled with us all 4500 miles from home.

We have gone above our 70 deg weather we were chasing, a few times.  Like now in Texas and in New Mexico both sitting about 90 deg.  I love the heat, but we have discovered that 90 is way to hot for me, not that I should be complaining because it is sitting the single digits at home is Alaska.  Burrr!

We have now been in our RV for 16 and 1/2 weeks, 116 nights.  7 and 1/2 week of witch we have been in the states and we have only had to pay for about 5 spots.  I would say we have keep our rent to under $100 for the last 2 months…I think that is Awesome 🙂  There are a lot more free places to stay than you would think.

These curioustires now are living a life that is always rearranged and we are embracing it!