I happened to find this old post in my journal and thought it would be a fun one to share.  Written August 26th 2016.
We did it.  We’re on the road headed south, finally!   It was a sad moment while driving away from the Knik River Recreation Area.  Realizing that we are leaving our home and the only home I really have known made me shed a tear or two.  We celebrated Ryder’s 2nd Birthday at Knik River with some of our closest people and off we went.  Making it to our favorite spot near Healy and Denali Alaska.  Since we love the rain and wind so much 🙂 (we have been chasing the rainy weather all month) we decided to stay two nights and explore Denali Park again.
We had the pleasure of persuading our mom to tag along with us through our journeys until we make it to Portland.  That’s her stop.
Our stay in Fairbanks lasted three nights, taking in the sites one last time before we headed out.  Visiting the Quilt shops for my mom, Pioneer Park, the Knotty Shop, Harding Lake, and visiting our brother.  We even got to see natures beauty at its finest, The Northern Lights.  Staying up till about 12:30am, it finally was dark enough to see if we could actually see them.  I thought I had spotted them in the RV so mom and I hopped into the car and off 25 miles out of town we ventured.

Mother Nature sure put on a magnificent show for us.  Dancing across the sky, showing green, purple and pink. It was a beauty.

Thursday August 25, 2016 we made it all most all the way to Tok, Alaska.  We ended up staying 13 miles south of Tok at Moon Lake State Recreation site.  It was a campground with 17 spots on a lake shore.  I guess it’s a good spot to see Loons, but we had no such luck.  Dogs loved it there because we had the place to ourselves.  When they were out they would romp through the long grass and then you would hear, kur-splah as they ran out of land and ended up in the lake:)
All of Us standing on both sides of the Alaska, US & Canadian International Border.

We crossed over the Canada border this afternoon.  Sun was shining along with it raining at the same time.  It seems to be flowing us, or perhaps we are following it.  Beautiful country.  Very marshy like with short and thin spruces trees covering the land and ponds sporadically placed.  I am very disappointed with the wildlife viewing on our trip so far.  No bears.  No Moose.  Only Geese, Swans, Sand Hill Cranes, Squirrels and many, many Ravens.  I wanna see a bear!  Hopefully soon we will run into one.  Tonight we found a nice free pullout next to a little creek.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  A nice spot to spend our first night in Canada and tomorrow onward we will travel.  These curioustires wanna get to Haines Junction and perhaps Skagway.

P.S the very next day we saw a Black Bear cross the street in front of us and watched us slowly drive by.